We're here for you on campus.

Have you just left Year 12 or been studying here for ages? 

Well, we just want to say ‘hey, we’re here!’ So when you’re tired and need to rest or to chat, drink coffee or go to mass, find us down at the Chaplaincy Centre. We have an espresso machine, so you can’t go wrong.



Who are we?

We are the UQ Catholic Chaplaincy, part of the bigger UQ Multi-Faith Chaplaincy. We operate within the University of Queensland, aiming to provide students and staff with a community to belong to, and a way to explore their faith. Our office is located in Building 38, behind the Abel Smith Lecture Theatre, and our office is open Tuesday to Friday every week. 

Contact us and keep in touch in the following ways:

  • Facebook: @uqcatholicchaplaincy  

  • Email: catholic.chaplaincy@uq.edu.au

  • Tel: 0429 495 589 or contact the Chaplain Fr Mario directly 0429 600 711.

UQ Team photo 1.jpg

Meet the Team

Introducing the FX Mission Team and the Chaplain

The FX Mission Team is a group of young adult missionaries who work full time at the University of Queensland Catholic Chaplaincy. The FX Mission Team is the University arm of NET Ministries Australia, and the "FX" in our name stands for Francis Xavier, a Saint who is known as one of the greatest missionaries of all time.

They are all full time volunteers, and have come from all around the world to serve at this University this year.




Luke studied Classical Painting in Florence, Italy before coming to the UQ Team, having done both NET USA, and Ireland a few years prior. He enjoys sport, competitve video gaming, and his cats back home.



25, New York, USA

Katherine studied Business Administration and Communications, but was recently working in the television industry in New York City.  She enjoys improv comedy, Meryl Streep, and her cat Mew Grant. 


John Paul

18, Nelson, New Zealand

JP graduated from Nelson’s Garin College in December 2018 and was involved in parish and school ministry, as well as several community service initiatives in his hometown, before coming to serve at UQ.



19, Melbourne, Victoria

Before working for the Chaplaincy, Gloria was studying a double degree of a Bachelor of Arts and Teaching (secondary) at ACU. Gloria loves music especially singing, playing sports especially volleyball and trying foods from different cultures.


Mariana 24

, Montreal, Canada

Mariana was studying a Bachelor of Economics at Concordia University in Montreal, Before working at UQ. Mariana enjoys baking, travelling to different places and playing musical instruments. She loves adding chilli and Lime to everything she eats

Fr Mario.jpg

Fr Mario Debattista O.F.M.

Fr Mario is a member of the Franciscan Order of Friars Minor. Raised in Brisbane, he has ministered in Australia and in several African countries in parishes, religious formation, and counselling. As well as theological studies, he has tertiary qualifications in Civil Engineering, Social Work and Counselling. He is currently the Catholic Chaplain at the University of Queensland as well as Associate Pastor in the Brisbane parish of St Therese and St Anthony, Kedron. He is available for all students and staff and can be contacted directly on 0429 600 711.