CourTalk Description

In 1219, 800 years ago this year, during the battle of Damietta in the Fifth Crusade, St Francis of Assisi and a companion crossed the frontline to go meet in person the leader of the Muslim forces, Malek Al-Kamil, nephew of the famed Saladin. Both men allowed themselves to be transformed by the other and to be enriched by the tradition from which he sprang. Both men laboured for peace and understanding and both allowed that experience to shape them and their religious practice. A simple Italian friar and a learned Islamic prince gave witness to authentic dialogue and to being instruments of peace. Please join us as Dr Matthew Beckmann ofm, a Franciscan Friar and scholar explores this event and its implications for our own time. We welcome all staff, students and visitors to UQ to come together for an evening of dialogue and growth in mutual understanding.

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